Weddy Stephens

They say behind every good man is a good woman, and this is so true for Weddy Stephens.

Her life before meeting husband Del involved raising horses, ballroom dancing and working for Wells Fargo, but when you marry into the offshore arena, your life takes a dramatic turn. You make room amongst the “dressage”, “waltzes”, and “ATMs” in your vocabulary to learn key phrases such as “hooked up”, “long rigger/short rigger”, and “pump and reel”. The excitement of hooves pounding across pasture melds with the sound of line peeling off the reel at a blistering pace, and the clickers singing becomes music to your ears.

Weddy had only been on a boat a couple times, and never offshore fishing, but all that changed with one stop at Starbucks, where she picked him up flashing long legs and reeled him in, and as they say, the rest is history. Oh, she still ballroom dances, but she’s added to her repertoire such routines as doing the dance up and down the rail while chasing a hooked tuna.

And in the last few years she’s mastered the technique for landing 800-pound class Blue Fin Tuna in just 2 hours off the Outer Banks.

She’s landed world record tying dorado and giant Rooster Fish in Costa Rica, gone toe to toe with 150-pound Tarpon, caught sailfish and marlin in Mexico, battled big seas in the Bahamas chasing Wahoo, and holds her own at Buoy 10 with Chinook.

When Weddy’s not in the gym working out to keep up with their next adventure, you might find her in the kitchen whipping up one of her fabulous recipes, or chilling outside in the flowerbeds where she might be working with her heirloom tomatoes or adding something to her 4,000 -plus bulbs in the ground. But as handy as she is with whisks and garden trowels, Weddy may at her best with a different kind of metal. Said one gent who fished with her on one trip west of the 125 line. “That woman is amazing with an iron jig”.

She’ll be wearing lipstick while battling a big bruiser but don’t let that fool you, she’s as competitive as they get.

She’s well trained and has surprised many skippers with her skill and technique. For of 12 of the first 15 years she was a key part of the glue that held the Oregon Tuna Classic Tournaments together.  She’s one part of the trio that make up Team Bad To The Bone and Canyon Warriors TV show. One of the original Lipstick Salmon Slayers aptly named by her husband on one of their adventures.

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