Megan Waltosz

Megan Waltosz grew up in Central Oregon and fished Lake Billy Chinook with her parents before she went through the transition to the offshore world.

It was a part-time job to help pay for her college education that lead her to meet Del and Weddy Stephens, opening the door to bigger fish to fry. She spends her day saving lives as a pediatric ICU nurse when she’s not globetrotting to some exotic fishing destination. She is a member of Team Bad To The Bone tournament team in her spare time and is as comfortable 50 miles offshore working the iron for albacore as she is giving a big Buoy 10 Chinook a wooden shampoo.

She has competed in the Offshore World Championships in Costa Rica and now has her focus clearly on her next target of landing a big blue marlin.

She’s a get’r done kind of girl when she set out to land a big blue fin tuna a few years ago, landing an 800-pound class beast. It was 800 pounds of attitude and muscle at the other end of 117 pounds of equally stubborn women who comes packing a can of whoop ass in her back pocket ending the feat in 1 hour and 53 minutes. Check that one off the bucket list. On the same trip she reeled in a 400-pound class brute in a mere 27 minutes. That takes skill, technique and angling prowess, along with a certain level of physical strength and durability.

Many captains and mates are very slow to take a female angler seriously and she has experienced that look of being stereotyped on more than one occasion when stepping onto a boat sporting painted nails, lipstick and wearing sport tights as if she was going running but when the time comes she’ll show up on the deck dressed for the right sport and she usually lets her actions speak louder than her words and fishes like the girl she is.

In a male dominated sport, she easily holds her own and definitely isn’t your typical lady angler. It only takes a few minutes on the business end of a rod for them to understand she’s well trained, equipped for the task and get the hell out of her way.

She recently went after Tarpon in Boca Grande going toe to toe landing and then releasing a 150-pound class fish.

It’s a demanding sport and success is rarely achieved doing it solo. She’s one part of the trio that make up Team Bad To The Bone and Canyon Warriors TV show.

Big game offshore fishing is only one of her hobbies. In the fall she turns her focus to chasing big game with her bow.

In the last few years she’s found a new passion for working out and running half marathons. Who knows where this will lead… She’s one of the two original Lipstick Salmon Slayers and one of the organizers of the Lipstick Salmon Slayers Tournament.

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